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Smita ji, a contemporary mystic and accomplished engineer, is globally recognized for her transformative guidance and profound wisdom in spirituality. Drawing from her deep understanding of the mystical path and engineering expertise, she serves as a mentor, inspiring individuals on their quest for enlightenment and personal growth. With teachings centered around love, compassion, and self-awareness, Smita ji empowers her followers to cultivate these qualities within themselves. Through her compassionate guidance and intuitive insights, she guides people towards inner peace and self-realization. Smita ji's unique ability to bridge diverse disciplines and offer relatable teachings resonates with people from all walks of life, inspiring deeper self-discovery and understanding. Her warmth, compassion, and profound insights continue to uplift and inspire those who seek her guidance.

Smita ji is an extraordinary individual who combines her spiritual prowess with remarkable academic achievements. Not only is she a contemporary mystic and a gifted engineer, but she has also earned a Bachelor's degree in Electronics & Telecom Engineering from Mumbai University, a Master's in Management from the same institution, and a Diploma in Sanskrit from Kavi Kulguru Kalidas Sanskrit University. Her deep understanding of sacred scriptures is truly awe-inspiring, as she effortlessly expounds upon profound texts such as the Bhagavad Gita, Chaitanya Charitamrita, Tripura Sahasranama, Rudram Chamakam, Bayalees Leela, Prem Ki Peer, Lalita Sahasranama, Lalita Trishati, and Prembhakti Scriptures, among others. With her diverse educational background, Smita ji brings a unique blend of technical expertise, managerial acumen, and profound knowledge of ancient languages to her teachings. Additionally, she holds the prestigious distinction of being a gold medalist in Sanskrit, further highlighting her exceptional dedication to both academics and spirituality. Smita ji's knowledge extends beyond mere theoretical understanding; she is also well-versed in the mystical realm of the Das Mahavidyas. With her profound understanding and mastery of the Das Mahavidyas, she adeptly guides seekers towards transformative experiences and spiritual growth. Her teachings not only captivate the hearts and minds of those fortunate enough to learn from her but also provide guidance in the realms of Tantra, Vrindavan Rasopasana and the sacred path of Prembhakti.


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Instagram ID : smitavenkatesh108

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Form for Zoom satsangs:

This form is exclusively intended for sincere seekers who will attend the classes consistently. Smita Maa emphasizes the importance of attendance for sadhaks in the satsang. For casual viewing, sadhaks have the option to watch the satsang on YouTube as all sessions are livestreamed on the platform.

For Spanish speaking students, you can also contact one of Maa's foremost students Namazhya Yazadaha.Dr. Namazhya Yazadaha is a dedicated spiritual and parapsychological practitioner born into a lineage of Mayan, Aztec, and Olmec shamans. Gifted with Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, and Clairaudient abilities, she hails from a family of Master Healers and Shamans in Egyptian, Wiccan, and other traditions. Specializing in Mayan, Olmec, Aztec, Viking, and Egyptian Shamanism, she is also initiated in Tibetan Buddhist Tantra and Medicine Buddha. Besides her esoteric pursuits, Dr. Yazadaha holds a CPA designation, a doctoral degree, and master's degrees in International Business and Taxation Science.You can visit her website:


Hindi Satsangs by Smita Maa:

Bhagwatam (4th Canto):
Monday to Thursday - 09:30 PM IST
Chaitanywa Charitamrit:
Monday to Thursday - 11:00 PM IST

English Satsangs by Smita Maa:

Chaitanya Charitamrit:
Monday to Thursday - 9.30 AM - 10.30 AM PST

Hindi Satsangs by other volunteers:

Shrimad Bhagvad Gita by Sumita:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday - 8 PM IST
Shrimad Bhagvad Gita by Dr.Shikha:
Saturday - 8 PM IST

Sri Vidya

Under the Guidance of Guru Maa Smita Venkatesh

Srividya Tantra stands as a revered vidya, meticulously centered around the profound worship of the Divine Mother, Devi, in her sacred form as Sri Lalita Tripurasundari. As an esoteric offshoot of Tantra, its essence lies in the profound realization of spiritual truths and the unification with the divine feminine essence. Rooted in rituals, meditation, and the rhythmic recitation of mantras, Srividya Tantra serves as a conduit to harness the divine energy emanating from the goddess herself. At the core of its practice lies the mystical Sri Chakra, an enigmatic diagram that assumes a central role in engaging with the spiritual realm.Within our revered guru parampara, Guru Maa Smita Venkatesh imparts the profound wisdom of Srividya Tantra to earnest seekers. This sacred knowledge is meticulously divided into four distinct levels, each encompassing a diverse range of practices, rituals, and theoretical insights into the nature of the Goddess. Dedication and sincerity on the part of the disciple are paramount, as it requires a minimum of two years of dedicated study and guidance from the Guru to grasp this profound vidya.By embarking on this transformative path with utmost reverence for the Goddess, Srividya Tantra strives to awaken and unlock the dormant spiritual potential within each practitioner. Through the acquisition of blissful experiences, profound knowledge, and ultimate liberation, it offers a transformative pathway towards achieving oneness with the universal consciousness.

Sri Vidya Beginners Level:

Updeshi-Mantri deeksha (Mantra initiation):
Guru, Ganapati and Bhairav mantras.

Sri Vidya Level 1:

Shambhavi deeksha: Vagbeej Mantra initiation.

Eligibility Criteria for next level:

1) Should begin Gita with Dr. Shikha / Dr. Gaurav / Sumita Chaube or other volunteers (NOTE: Those who are not able to attend please inform the admins).
2) BG forms to be filled and submitted from chapters 1 - 6.
3) Lalita Sahasranaam 125 times.
4) 1400 malas of One of the Gurus, or Ganesh or Bhairav mantra.
5) Attend rate for group sadhna atleast 80%.
6) Participate and start learning Sriyantra nyasas (rituals and procedures for the worship of Sri Yantra).
7) Begin and aim to do Trishati recitation 300 times.
8) Vagbeej mantra 1400 malas.

Srividya Level 2:

Shakti Deeksha: Bala Mantra initiation.

Eligibility Criteria for next level:

1) Should attend Gita with Dr. Shikha / Dr. Gaurav / Sumita Chaube or other Volunteers (NOTE: Those who are not able to attend please inform the admins).
2) BG forms to be filled and submitted from chapters 7 - 18.
3) Trishati recitation 300 times to be completed.
4) Participate and start learning Sriyantra nyasas (rituals and procedures for the worship of Sri Yantra).
5) Bala mantra 3000 malas to be completed individually.
6) Raj Matangi and Lalita Gayatri mantra. Personal anushthans of 1250 malas of each mantra.
7) Complete level 1 and level 2 requirements.

Sri Vidya level 3:

Mahabhisekh deeksha: Panchdashi mantra.

Eligibility Criteria for next level:

1) All Gita forms to be completed and needs to be submitted.
2) Guru, Ganpati, Bhairav individual 1400 malas to be completed.
3) Lalita Sahasranaam to be completed 125 times.
4) Lalita Trishati to be completed 300 times.
5) Vaagbeej mantra 1400 malas to be completed individually.
6) Bala mantra 3000 malas to be completed individually.
7) Bhuvaneshwari mantra 32 lakh times to be completed in group sadhnas.
8) Raj Matangi and Lalita Gayatri mantra. Personal anushthans of 1250 malas of each mantra.
9) Learn Panchdashi and Shodashi nyaas.
10) Finished 5 lakh counts of Panchdasi mantra.
11) Complete requirements for levels 1, 2 & 3.

Sri Vidya level 4:

Purnabhishek deeksha: Shodashi mantra.

Sadhna (practice):
1) Purashcharan for Shodashi sadhna, 9000 malas to be completed.
2) Mahashodha nyas will be taught to the students who qualify.

List of Scriptures Recommended by Guru Maa:

Bhakti Yog:

1. Bhagavad Gitā as it is
Source: ISKCON
Language: Hindi or English (Choose based on comfort)
Availability: Easily accessible in any ISKCON temple
Link: Bhagavad Gitā as it is (Regular Hindi)
2. Shrimad Bhagavad Mahapurān
Source: Gitā Press physical shop
Link: Shrimad Bhagavad Mahapurān (Hindi)


Tripurā Rahasya
Sections: Mahātmya Khand and Gyān Khand
Source: Chaukhambhā Prakāshan
Contact: +919839915098


Kularnava Tantrā
Source: Chaukhambhā Prakāshan
Contact: +919839915098

Trijata Babaji Aghori: Guardian of Mystical Wisdom.

In the tapestry of tantra, Trijata Babaji Aghori emerges as a veiled sage, wrapped in the enchanting mystique of Siddhashram. The name Trijata Babaji resonates as an elusive sage, shrouded in the mystical aura of Siddhashram. Little is known about this enigmatic figure, whose teachings and practices hold the keys to profound spiritual wisdom. Cloaked in secrecy, this enigmatic figure guards the gateways to profound spiritual wisdom through teachings and practices that remain shrouded in the sacred aura of his abode the Bhairav mountain.Comparisons liken Trijata Babaji to an almond, resilient on the surface yet harboring the sweet nectar of ancient wisdom within. Draped in tiger skin, his ritualistic practices, such as the symbolic sacrifice and revival of life using one of his many vidyas such as Shukropasita Mrityu Sanjeevani Vidya, bear testament to a mastery that navigates the intricate realms of tantra. Beyond the awe-inspiring exterior, a surprising warmth emanates, inviting seekers into the transformative embrace of his teachings.Trijata Babaji's protective aura, particularly towards students within this spiritual lineage, stems from a profound bond with Swami Nikhileshwaranandji. Their connection, akin to brothers in Siddhashram, unveils a multifaceted persona torn between austere principles and an earnest desire to alleviate worldly suffering.In essence, Trijata Babaji embodies an enigmatic sage—a harmonious fusion of fierceness and tenderness in the relentless pursuit of profound spiritual knowledge. As sincere seekers embark on the sacred journey into Trijata Babaji's realm, they are beckoned to unravel the veiled mysteries of tantra under the guidance of this revered luminary.

1008 Baba Bhooth Nathji: Son of Devi Kamakhya.

Baba Bhooth Nath ji was a great Tantra master of his time. He was known for his powerful and charismatic presence, and his teachings were deeply rooted in the Tantrik traditions of India. Baba Bhooth Nath ji was a master of many esoteric practices, and he had a profound understanding of the human psyche and its potential for spiritual transformation. He believed that spiritual awakening was a journey of self-discovery that required both inner discipline and surrender to the divine. Baba Bhooth Nath ji was a living embodiment of the teachings he espoused, and he inspired countless seekers to pursue the path of Tantra with sincerity and devotion. Although he is no longer with us, his teachings continue to inspire and guide spiritual seekers around the world.Babaji ardently championed education, establishing colleges such as Baba Bhoothnath Mahavidyalaya at Valmiki Nagar and Awasani during his lifetime. Committed to spreading spiritual teachings, he founded the renowned Kamakhya Temple in Lucknow (formerly Lakshamanpuri), adhering to Vedic traditions with a prohibition on animal sacrifice. This symbolized Maa Kamakhya's benevolence towards all sentient beings, encompassing not just her human children but also all life forms. Babaji's legacy, marked by educational institutions and a temple echoing compassion, reflects his holistic vision for enlightenment and welfare.

Baba Bhoothnath College

Legend has it that Baba Bhooth Nath ji possessed extraordinary powers that defied rational explanation. Many of his devotees claimed to have witnessed him manifesting objects out of thin air. His teachings were often accompanied by miraculous events that left his followers in awe. Baba Bhooth Nath ji was believed to have received special blessings and grace from Maa Kamakhya, the great Goddess of Tantra. His devotion to the divine feminine was evident in his teachings, which emphasized the importance of cultivating the qualities of love, compassion, and devotion. Baba Bhooth Nath ji was known for his deep understanding of the esoteric practices of Tantra, and his teachings were infused with the grace and power of the divine. He inspired his students to embrace their spiritual path with sincerity and dedication, and his legacy continues to be felt by those who seek to unlock the transformative potential of Tantra.

Baba Bhoothnathji Temple

Swami Nikhileshwaranandji: The sage who revived Tantra in the modern times.

Swami Nikhileshwaranand ji Maharaj, affectionately known as Bade Guruji, was a luminary among mystical Tantrik masters, leaving an indelible mark on the spiritual landscape. Embarking on a transformative journey, he traversed the sacred realms of the Himalayas and Tibet during his Sanyas period, encountering highly elevated Yogis. It was in these mystical encounters that he unveiled the intricate procedures to attain various siddhis, long-guarded secrets found within religious texts.Bade Guruji's legacy lies in his unparalleled contribution to demystifying ancient sadhana procedures, generously sharing profound wisdom with the common people. Nestled in the solitude of Himalayan caves for decades, he absorbed the teachings of sages, monks, and ascetics, delving deep into the Vedas, 108 Upanishads, and other ancient texts. His pursuit of knowledge was further formalized with a Ph.D. from Jodhpur University.Beyond the realms of traditional wisdom, Swami Nikhileshwaranand ji resurrected Astrology to its former glory, astounding followers with precise forecasts for both the general populace and individuals. His literary prowess was equally remarkable, with a staggering 120 books on Astrology alone. Yet, his intellectual breadth extended beyond, encompassing Ayurveda, wherein he revitalized nearly extinct herbs through specialized farms, and his disciples imbibed the profound science under his tutelage.A prolific author, Bade Guruji penned over 150 books, covering an array of subjects from Sadhnas, Kundalini Tantra, and Palmistry to Alchemy, Hypnotism, Meditation, Numerology, Ayurveda, Signature Analysis, and Yoga. His multifaceted wisdom laid a divine path for Sadhaks and disciples, steering them toward growth and success. Today, the rejuvenation of the science of mantras stands testament to his blessings, as people experience transformative results in their lives, echoing the profound impact of Swami Nikhileshwaranand ji Maharaj's spiritual legacy.

Swami Divyachetnanandji: Enlightened master and Devotee of Devi Bagalamukhi.

Swami Divya Chetnanandji, a remarkable siddha of his time, traced his roots to the celestial Siddhashrama in the Himalayas, a sacred haven where the Great Masters of the Universe dwelled. As a disciple of the illustrious Paramahansa Swami Nikhileshwarananda, also known as Dr. Narayana Dutt Shrimali, Swamiji's spiritual journey took a unique turn under the guidance of another divine luminary, Shree Baba Bhootnathji of Lucknow.In his earlier days known as Ranjeet Chaube, Swamiji earned his engineering laurels from the prestigious Benares Hindu University. Transitioning from the corporate echelons of the seventies, he embarked on a path less traveled—venturing into the establishment of his own textile business. Yet, destiny had more profound plans for him.The turning point arrived when Swamiji encountered the extraordinary Baba Bhoothnathji of Lucknow. The mystical aura surrounding Baba Bhoothnathji kindled a spiritual fervor within Swamiji, propelling him into the realms of Sadhana—focused meditations on the Divine Mother. Under Baba Bhoothnathji's tutelage, Swamiji delved into the profound teachings of Tantra and Mantra, unraveling the secrets of supernatural and paranormal phenomena that exist in the spiritual realms.Baba Bhoothnathji, foreseeing Swamiji's role in guiding future disciples grappling with the complexities of daily life, imparted a unique instruction. Swamiji was advised to settle in the bustling city of Mumbai and lead a harmonious life as a householder, businessman, and spiritual Yogi. This directive, a testament to Baba Bhoothnathji's foresight, recognized that Swamiji's disciples would be individuals contending with the ordinary challenges of money, family, health, career, and education.

Bagalamukhi Siddha Peetha

Swamiji, in his role as a compassionate guide, adeptly blended the roles of a householder and spiritual mentor, skillfully resolving the mundane issues of his disciples before setting them on the transformative Path of Sadhana. Through this harmonious approach, Swami Divya Chetnanandji became a beacon of spiritual light, guiding seekers to navigate the complexities of daily life while illuminating the profound journey of the soul. Swamiji also established the famous and extremely powerful temple attributed to Devi Bagalamukhi in Mira road, Mumbai called the Bagalamukhi Siddha Peetha for the guidance and welfare of all.

September - December 2023

Smita Maa's 2023 India Satsang Tour: A Spiritual Revelation.In a profound exploration of spiritual awakening, Smita Maa recently concluded her 2023 India Satsang Tour. Traversing the sacred landscapes of Vrindavan and Maheshwar, held satsangs, Sri Vidya shibir, Bhagwad Gita satsangs at Mumbai, Matheran, Gurgoan etc. She graced her disciples with enlightening Satsangs, unraveling timeless wisdom. The journey included impactful Deeksha ceremonies, focusing on the sacred teachings of Sri Vidya. Smita Maa's divine presence guided participants into a deeper connection with higher consciousness.Noteworthy were the exclusive shibirs dedicated to the worship of Maa Kali, providing seekers with practical insights into embracing the transformative energy of the divine mother. As the echoes of Smita Maa's teachings reverberate, the 2023 Satsang Tour stands as a testament to a spiritual sojourn that touched hearts and illuminated souls across the diverse landscapes of India.